A little energy goes a long way.
ExxonMobil Baton Rouge brought in Red Six to create an integrated, cross-platform advertising campaign to inform the Greater Baton Rouge area of the benefits the company brings to the city. Our discovery meetings and subsequent creative meetings resulted in the big idea: ExxonMobil Baton Rouge’s success has a ripple effect on our local economy, schools, and communities. Red Six presented the slogan A little energy goes a long way to launch the production of our campaign. Red Six produced a 30-second TV spot that used a Rube Goldberg machine to show the positive impact one ExxonMobil project has on our city, and we built a microsite – EnergyGoesFar.com – to be the hub of the campaign; a place where you can learn all about ExxonMobil’s economic, educational and community impact. Other elements of the campaign included print ads, billboards, bus shelter posters, social media designs and digital ads.

  • We were wildly impressed with Red Six's ability to communicate our very integrated, complex business story to audiences internal and external to Dow. We've never looked so good. I contribute much of our success in employee engagement and community familiarity to the work Red Six has done!

    Stacey Chiasson, Dow in Louisiana

  • Having worked with Red Six Media for several years now, I have experienced their professionalism, creativity and engaged staff first-hand. They want the very best for their clients and work tirelessly to find new ways to help the customer. Their creativity is top-notch, and the team is a pleasure to work with.

    Kendall Hebert, United Way

  • We were blown away by the talent and professionalism of Red Six Media. Their team was terrific at keeping our team within our budget and on deadline. They get an enthusiastic two thumbs up!

    Patrick Mulhearn, Celtic Studios

  • Red Six is flexible, responsive, talented and highly creative. They also do an incredible job enthusiastically translating our vision into compelling, impactful videos that make a lasting impression. We couldn’t be happier with their work and enjoy working with them from start to finish.

    Danielle Mack, Mary Bird Perkins OLOL Cancer Center

  • A top-of-the-line agency with an incredibly talented and professional staff... They deserve more than five stars, in my book.

    Chrissy Dupuy, Cancer Services